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    Challenge: What is the lowest level at which you can defeat the King of the Underworld on Hard mode? Share your videos (and be sure to record your party level – which I just noticed I seem to have left out… oops…)

    Following the strategy on this page, I was able to defeat him at level 85 (but I’m sure that with the same strategy, it could be done even lower than that.)

    Disclaimer: I shot two versions of this video – the first one, I recorded commentary but hadn’t turned on the “microphone” setting in Game Recorder, so I got no sound. 😛

    The second one, I recorded the audio, but when I played it back I found out that the game’s music was too loud, so you can’t hear my explanations anyway. So, here’s the first video (without sound) – but hopefully by watching it you’ll still be able to see this strategy in action:

    (P.S. Battle starts around the 2 minute mark.)

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