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    This list excludes the post-game and IAP dungeons. I may also have missed a few at the very start of the game (I’m not sure when I was able to steal).

    Monster (Excluding Post-Game) Location Steal
    Ghost Old Highway Eye Tincture
    Giant Falcon Old Highway Healing Potion
    Killer Wolf Old Highway Paralyze Heal
    Earth Elemental Imcinoa Cave Paralyze Heal
    Marionette Imcinoa Cave Seal Destroyer
    Little Devil Imcinoa Cave Antidote
    Old Atelier Monstrous Bird Antidote
    Old Atelier Serpent Awakening Herb
    Wolf Hidden Lab None
    Slime Hidden Lab None
    Cave Snake Hidden Lab Scope
    Yellow Slime Hidden Lab Yellow Gel
    Maneater Hidden Lab Potion
    Caeneus Hidden Lab Magic Elixir
    Aqua Elemental Old Atelier Water Rune
    Roc Old Atelier Seal Destroyer
    Imp Old Atelier Magic Tonic
    Selalitte Old Atelier Mana Elixir
    Killer Doll Deep Path Magic Tonic
    Flame Spirit Deep Path Fire Rune
    Bertolde Deep Path Cure All
    Cerberus Deep Path Runed Orb
    White Snake Guild Cellar Awakening Herb
    Wind Elemental Guild Cellar Healing Potion
    Guild Soldier Guild Cellar Sniper Choker
    Illucifone Guild Cellar Elixir
    Red Slime Rikrit Ruins Fire Rune
    Cuchulain Rikrit Ruins Recall Crystal
    Killer Fang Rikrit Ruins Magic Tonic
    Rosenia Rikrit Ruins Titan’s Elixir
    Frost Plant Ethonia Cave Water Rune
    Wraith Ethonia Cave Magic Tonic
    Living Doll Ethonia Cave Soul Charm
    Edwards Ethonia Cave Magic Ore
    Guild Master Guild HQ Knight Circlet
    Python Guild HQ Seal Destroyer
    Gremlin Guild HQ Magic Tonic
    Guild Officer Guild HQ Power Choker
    Rosenia Guild HQ Secret Revive
    Illucifone Guild HQ Strength Elixir
    Spectre Obsidian Way Revive
    Apsu Obsidian Way Mixed Potion
    Glare Elemental Obsidian Way Grass of Life
    Crystal Golem Obsidian Way Magic Ore
    Berith Obsidian Way Elixir
    Stolas Wisdom Tower Paralyze Heal
    Andras Wisdom Tower Star Gem
    Blob Wisdom Tower Purify
    Selalitte Wisdom Tower Mana Elixir
    Selalitte (transform) Wisdom Tower Runed Orb
    Decarabia Skyward Path Crystal Chip
    Hati Skyward Path Crystal Chip
    Ose Skyward Path Crystal Chip
    Garm Skyward Path Health Elixir
    Caeneus Skyward Path Magic Ore
    Death Knight Imcinoa Cave Mithril
    Helflare Old Highway Health Elixir
    Leraie Rikrit Ruins Mana Elixir
    Astaroth Ethonia Cave Speed Elixir
    Jormungand Obsidian Way Magic Elixir
    Gelgraknir Wisdom Tower Strength Elixir
    Cimeries Void Trail Revive
    Focalor Void Trail Mixed Potion
    Chaos Doll Void Trail Seal Destroyer
    Gemini Void Trail Mithril
    Smauge Void Trail Runed Orb
    Edwards Void Trail Mana Potion
    Edwards (transform) Void Trail nothing

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