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    Excludes post-game gems. I found it easier to configure gem slots by having a list for reference.

    Gem (Excluding Post-Game) Effect Partial Explanation
    Life Max HP+1
    Mind Max MP+1
    Power ATK+1
    Magic MAG+1 MAG up 10 every unit but increasing (5=100)
    Speed SPD+1
    Might CRI+1
    Evasion EVR+1
    Defense Physical Damage -1
    Warding Magic Damage -1
    Monk’s Max HP+2, Defending Heal 1
    Heroism CRI+2, Focused Defense 1 focused def 1 increases SP by 5 when defending
    Stalwart Phys Damage-, Defending Damage –
    Fire ATK+1,Firepower 1
    Water MAG+1,Waterpower 1 MAG up 10 for every unit but increasing
    Earth Max HP +1, Earthpower 1 HP up 50 for every unit but increasing amount +4=350
    Wind SPD+1, Windpower 1
    Gladiator ATK+2, Critical Power Up 1
    Soldier Max HP+2, Critical Heal 1
    Warrior SPD+2, Critical SP Up 1 SPD up 3 for every unit
    Resolve ATK+1, HP Regeneration 1 ATK up 10 for every unit
    Sorcery MAG+1, MP Regeneration 1
    Bravery CRI+1,Active SP Up 1 CRI up 5 per unit (so CRI+3=+15); active sp up increases SP by 4 each turn
    Knowledge MAG+2, Near-death MP Up 1
    Strife CRI+2, Near-death SP Up 1
    Reversal EVR+2, Desperate Power 1
    Depth ATK+2, Near-death CRI+1
    Holy EVR+2, Near-death EVR+1
    Barrier MAX HP+2, Protector 1 protector: 15% chance to reduce phys damage by 25%
    Shielding MAX MP+2, Rune Wall 1 Max MP up 20 every unit
    Medic’s MAX MP+2, Medic 1 Medic: recovery items are 30% more effective
    Fairy EVR+1, Elemental Master 1
    Quickness SPD+2, Sharp Reflexes 1 sharp reflexes: turns come20% faster after regular attacks
    Thief’s EVR+2, Mugger 1
    Shield. Physical Damage-1, Magic Damage-1
    Flash SPD+3, EVR+2
    Solar Max HP+2, SP Rate+1 SP Rate+: SP increases by an extra 75%
    Lunar Critical MP Up 1, Rune Wall 1
    Star Magic Damage -1, Near-Death MP Up 1 near-death MP 1 recovers 15% MP when your HP goes below 25%
    Justice Critical Heal 1, Active SP Up 1 critical heal: critical strikes heal 7% of HP
    Courage Focused Attack 1, MP Saver 1 Focused Attack 1 adds 2 seconds to special ability input
    Illusion Protector 1, Rune Wall 1 Rune Wall 1 15% chance to reduce magic damage by 25%
    Vigilance Defending Heal 1, Defending Damage -1 defending heal: heals 10% of your hp when defending
    Prayer Meditate 1, SP Increase 1
    Geistflame Firepower 2, Critical Power Up 1
    Aquageist Waterpower 2, Meditate 1
    Terrageist Earthpower 2, HP Regeneration 1
    Aerogeist Windpower 2, Critical SP Up 1 critical SP: critical strikes increase SP by 5
    Daybreak Max HP+2, Defending Heal 1, Meditate 1
    Awakening Near-death SP, Attack Increase, CRI+1 near-death sp 1 raises sp by 15 when your HP goes below 25%
    Valor CRI+3,Critical Heal1, SharpReflexes 1
    Sage MAG+2,MP Regeneration 1, MP Saver 2 MP Saver: skills use 8% less MP per unit
    Spirit Critical MP Up 1, Elemental Master 2, MP Saver 1 critical MP 1 critical strikes recover 7% of MP
    Kindness near-death EVR+1, Medic 1, Revive 1
    Priest Max MP+2, Critical MP Up 1
    Behemoth ATK+3,MAG+3,Active SP Up 1
    Rebirth Max HP+2, Revive 1
    Dusk Max MP+2, SPD+2, MP Regeneratin 1
    Will ATK+1, SP Rate +1
    Savagery CRIT+2, Focused Attack 1

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