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    Okay, this is my next game in the ol’ backlog to work through, as I felt the different perspective in dungeons would be neat and the enemy graphics look real good from viewing the trailer.

    Like a lot of Exe-Create’s games I’ve been playing, this one has multiple difficulties. Unlike those games, apparently you pick your difficulty at the beginning and that’s that. No changing at random points in the game.

    So…for people who’ve played this, what difficulty is the best? Looking for some sort of challenge (ie: don’t want to cruise through it ala End of Aspiration or Alphadia, where nothing remotely gave me any trouble, but I don’t really want to have that feeling of running straight into a brick wall, where I’ll have to grind for hours to get past a challenge.

    I’d guess Normal or Hard would be the pick, so if anyone has insight, let me have it!

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    I played on the easiest setting because at the time I was rushing through to solve one of the puzzles for someone on the forum. It made the game feel REALLY short (though it’s a short game anyway.)

    All your base are


    Yeah, last night, I fiddled a bit in the intro dungeon on Normal and just breezed through it, but I’ve played enough Kemco games to know that the difficulty can abruptly spike from time to time, taking things from very easy to pretty difficult with no warning.


    The Game is short and it is not hard in anyway. Just Grind enough and blast away. Seriously, this is what I did even on Hard.


    It is a very short game. I always stick to “normal” difficulty because I feel that is kind of the default in 95% of games.

    The puzzles are harder than any boss battles. Also, link of hearts was harder than this and that was still pretty easy.

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    Yeah, I’m playing on hard and if the opening couple hours are any indication, this game won’t be difficult at all. I do like the skill and weapon system.


    So far, the only challenging battle on Hard was the one with Caenius (sp) that was a few dungeons into the game or so (when you first meet him). He had a lot of group-attack magic spells and I only had a single-character heal spell, so that was rough. Other bosses have had plenty of health, but weren’t that tricky when it came to actually fighting them.

    I like the addition of puzzles to the mix, as most Kemco game “puzzles” I’ve found in the games I’ve played aren’t much more than “see that door? well, you’re going to have to walk around until you find the switch that opens it!”. The way you can see enemies is cool, although it’s virtually impossible to avoid them, so it just means you’ll have 2-4 set encounters per room. At least that means no random battles while trying to figure stuff out.

    Battle graphics are nice. Animated enemies and some nice spell graphics. The plot is a bit better than average, primarily because there’s a larger-than-usual cast of characters, so a good number of boss fights are against human foes who have plot significance, as opposed to the usual “Look! A random, large monster is here! And it won’t let us get past it, so we have to fight!” bosses that dominate Kemco’s games.

    I love the spell/skill system, where you get more powerful versions as you cast them more and more and can choose which version you want at any time, with the more powerful ones costing more magic points to cast. With a lot of them, you’ll wind up with versions that hit one enemy and versions that hit all of them, so the same spell can be equally useful against mobs of foes and against solo enemies, such as bosses.

    Right now, I’m doing the first of the two IAP dungeons, since I finally got enough points to buy it (through fighting battles and earning achievements). I’m guessing it’ll be pretty easy, since it’s for L25 characters and I’m L35 at the moment.


    And the IAP dungeon was easy. At least fighting-wise; there were block-pushing puzzles in most every room and some of those were reasonably tricky, to where I’d have to think about where I was placing them. And I never did figure out how to get one treasure chest, so kudos to them on that.

    Best thing about it was the one chest that gave me a couple Mithril and that I also got a couple Runed Orbs so I could buy more Mithril, since I now need that to continue upgrading my weapons’ power. I mean, with the ease I trashed the next plot dungeon and its boss, I don’t know I needed to upgrade them again, at least at that time, but whatever.


    Doing Chaotic difficulity and until now the game arent that hard at all. Just bosses have crap ton health (cant compare with other diff since I didnt try lower diff) but well prepared attack can overkill boss. Sion using damage buff and charge, Albus using +dealt damage and -resist, Iris proc Sleep, then Sion do Special +3 at 200+ %. That one shotted lvl 45 IAP dungeon boss when I still lvl 40.

    Okay, beaten the final boss without much trouble. Post game dungeon boss still beatable without much grinding. Even tho it need slow defensive approach. Cave Trial easy and medium still doable. Expert is on another level tho. Need helluva stat grinding to beat 2nd battle out of 3. I cant imagine how strong the last battle is =.=

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