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    MSG Commander

    (And, in this game, you will get stuck…)

    Before you have the boat

    There are a few points before you get the boat where you most likely will get stuck. Some of the dialogue isn’t really clear on what you’re supposed to do next, or where to go.

    In these cases, you’ll need to backtrack through all the previous towns you’ve been to, and look for anything “different.” (I’m being vague on purpose for those who don’t want spoilers, but just want hints.) If necessary, talk to the all the people in all the towns. One of them will give you a clue as to your next step.

    After you have the boat

    Once you’ve got the boat and you can explore the rest of the world map, you need to find the Mysterious Hut. (There aren’t too many locations on the world map so you should be able to find this one alright, with a little effort.)

    Now, whenever you’re stuck, warp to the Mysterious Hut and talk to the guy inside. He’ll give you a pretty vague hint as to your next move (like, “go talk to …”), so you’ll still have to figure out just what is meant, but usually he gives you enough that you can get unstuck.

    (And, of course, if all else fails… post in the forum… lols)

    All your base are

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    What is great about this game is once you have the boat, there are a ton of places you could go…which means you have access to powerful weapons and armor early on as long as you luck out and are able to escape from a few tough battles. Grind for money for those weapons and armor!

    Buy a lot of warp items too to make travel quicker.

    One good place, if I recall the name properly, is the north pole where sometimes you will get enemies that are fairly easy to take out but give lots of exp.

    There is one place you can find, I think called dragonlord castle, where you can trade 4 pearls for an item. every 4 pearls you get, in fact.

    Have you changed classes yet? Do that asap, IMO, and often…Make sure you strengthen every character you get too, trust me, it is important for the post game! If you decide to do it.

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