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    Ok, so I’m playing on Easy difficulty, so I don’t know if this works on Normal as well, but…

    Any time my party dies in battle, the game asks if I want to watch a short video (aka “ad”), after which, my whole party is revived, and we get to continue the battle! And this works no matter how many times I die!


    So, naturally, I kinda cheesed my way through multiple boss battles… :sheepish grin:

    Anyway try it out, and if anyone plays the game on Normal difficulty, please let me know if it works the same way!

    Note: You probably need to have wifi enabled to make this work, and then actually sit through the 30 second ad until you’re “allowed” to close it… but it’s totally worth doing!

    All your base are


    I am playing on normal difficulty but, like any other game, I always play with wifi off, so I never knew about this trick, haha. If you get really far into the game, past the first ending, please let me know if you are able to solve that tough puzzle in the silver ruins!

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