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    MSG Commander

    So I’ve beat the Dragonlord and the Dark Spirit (and I don’t believe there’s anything more to do), and I’m missing 6 Monsters, and 11 Items…

    I’m fairly certain I got every treasure, and I know I bought every piece of equipment from each shop. However, I have not completed the Dungeon of Trials, so there may be something in there still?

    Anyway the game does have a “Monster Map” so I know I’m missing numbers 27, 33, 34, 36, 110 and 111.

    There’s no record for all the items, but I am working on an item list that I hope to publish in the next couple days… but still, how can I be missing 11 items?

    I also haven’t done the PvP arena, so I don’t know if there are any rewards from that?

    Anyway if anyone has the missing monsters, please respond with the name, the drop, and if possible the general location where you encountered them.

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    MSG Commander

    Wow, okay, on a whim I went back through all the towns and tried talking to people to see if anything’s different… So I got to fight the Kracken a second time, as well as Midori’s summoned monster and Lufa’s summoned monster…

    Which made me wonder about the other bosses (in the dungeons). So I went to the Wind Cave and fought the Level 2 version of the Bird of the Gale – and got a new weapon, Dark Knife! So now I’m only missing 10 items!

    Then I went to fight the boss in E Tower, and defeated him but got no reward…  🙁

    Also, everyone I’ve fought for the second time now says “Come back tomorrow” or something along those lines – except for the Kracken… So now I have to find him in a new place? So confused lol…


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    restart the game, they should be available after that, if they arent…open the game after several hours. The msximum attempt is 5 for every boss…not sure whether you can get all item or not.

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    MSG Commander

    I’ve fought some of them 3 times now and so far I’ve got 2 additional items. It’s good to know you can only fight each one 5 times otherwise I think I’d just give up at this point.  😯

    I also found monsters 110 and 111 in the Arctic Region, so I’m now missing 27, 33, 34 and 36.

    I tried using the Summoning Jewel in the Empire basement and got #27 (it’s like Imperial Soldier or something, that makes me think it should appear somewhere around Empire but I’ve never encountered it?) But you can only use the Summoning Jewel one time, or so it would seem…

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