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    I don’t know the floor number I’m on (it goes by too fast), but about 12 or so.  I try to go down, and I get the message “I still couldn’t go down…”  That suggests it is possible to go down, but some (unknown) task must be first completed.  Any suggestions?

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    Each floor is guarded by successive in-game bosses. So you have to beat the boss from that dungeon before you can access the floor that boss is guarding.

    If you’ve followed the walkthrough and bonus material you’re probably only missing one boss – the Dark Spirit. He’s at the end of the first dungeon in the Room of Flight – but he’ll only be there if you’ve met the right criteria (which the game never tells you; you have to just accidentally have discovered it on your own.)

    If you try and still can’t figure it out, I’ll look through my notes and see if I can drop the info in a spoiler for you.

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