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    There are 11 “special drops” only available from boss monsters:
    1.Dark Knife
    2.Intuition Hood
    3. Spirit Crown
    4. Valkyrie Spear
    5. Phoenix Suit
    6. Slumber Sword
    7. Spirit Robe
    8. Reflect Stick
    9. Sunrise Plate
    10. Firedrake Helmet
    11. Spirit Shield
    The order matters, as the first special drop will always be the Dark Knife, and the last will always be the Spirit Shield.

    It is possible that all of the boss monsters may have a special drop, but I tested only those NOT in the bonus material, and not even every boss. The drops are random: they do not always occur, and any boss may drop any of these items. The same boss can drop more than just one item (but of course only one per battle). Unfortunately, every boss has a “timeout” when it will refuse to engage in a battle (it will say something like, “Come back tomorrow”). I do not know for certain how long this timeout period is, as it could be a few realtime hours or even the next calendar day.

    It is possible that only one “special drop” is available per timeout period. I cannot prove that, but that is what happened to me. Perhaps I got discouraged when I defeated several bosses and didn’t get any drop and waited until the next day to try again.

    The bosses in the following locations all seemed to be part of the special drop feature: E Tower, West Cave, Port City, Elven Village, Forest Castle, Empire, Light and Dark Cave, Wind Tower, and Dragonlord Castle.
    [Note: I did not try the bosses in the Volcano of Essence.]
    I did not test other bosses, and although the Dragonlord monster can drop special items, I suggest you avoid its battles so that you can obtain all the drops prior to completing the game (that is, prior to using clear data for bonus material). You will need to obtain all these special drop items if you wish to complete the “Item complete” listing in the “Record” menu item.

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    Kudos for getting all 11 items! I think I got two of them before I got frustrated and gave up.  😐

    I have to say, for a game that has no real story and absolutely no clues on what to do or where to go, this one turned out to be one of my favorite JRPGs ever (well, on mobile, anyway).

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