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    I summarized as much as I can on what kind of game it is in my game review, check the first review on the page here:

    To put it short: It’s a tactical RPG game with some text issues (the sole developer is obviously not from the States), but if you can get past that, you have a decent game with an easy-to-understand battle system.

    There’s not too much grinding required to finish the game; in fact, the game gives you 6 bonus dungeons per day to allow your extra opportunities to build up on currency. The game strangely runs on an energy/stamina-based system that online RPGs would have (both for your teammates and for general dungeon running), but when a teammate gains a level, their stamina is refreshed anyway. Plus, you also gain stamina potions per day, more than enough for your grinding needs (unless you’re a hardcore grinder, but that behavior is not at all necessary until the latter half of the game).

    There are IAP purchases to be had, but there is absolutely NOTHING in there that you cannot obtain in other ways. It’s just there to speed things up should you not be patient. There is an Ad system and big table of rewards you can get for watching ads every 3 minutes (each ad is about 20-30 seconds); but you’ll need at least a full hour and a half to complete the table. The reward table resets for a full 24 hours once you’ve nabbed all of the ad rewards.

    I actually started a basic guide, but there are several things:

    * I don’t know where should I post it; there is no official wiki for this game, and I am not all that familiar with the board code here.
    * The guide (in its current, incomplete form) has far too many characters to fit the contents in a single post
    * The guide is STILL incomplete, as I said; I have not finished gathering data on every skill, character and individual stage strategy.
    * Posting incomplete guides feels unprofessional (but that’s just my opinion 🙂 )
    * Posting it here (as opposed to the wiki-ish format I currently have for it) requires a lot of rewriting to account for the forum code

    EDIT: I decided to edit and post the guide at Google Docs. It seemed a lot easier than attempting to edit it using the forum code here. It’s still relatively “incomplete” but has the bare-bones information to help you all finish the game.

    You can find the guide here at:

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    MSG Commander

    Hey, that’s an awesome guide! (And I do have to agree, something that large and detailed would be difficult to post in the forum…)

    All your base are


    Wow, many thanks, now I think I may be able to finish the game! (hides)
    But before, a few comments! I hope they prove to be useful to you. 😛

    At Stage 30: Worst Counterpart [09-BE] you forgot to mention that reinforcements arrive, first from west, and then from east.
    A valid strategy is to send a tanker to provoke enemies at north, and another one to provoke at south, then use the units at the middle to attack (Chain attacks and the such are neat)

    Cheating at Part Time Job
    If at the resume the Total Salary is zero, but all the other fields have a valid value, you can send the character to do a successful part-time-job of zero seconds.
    If you do it 30 times, you get maximum bonus, and it should take around 90 seconds instead of 90 hours. I found that trick while I was mad because I submitted a wrong resume, and canceling it five seconds afterwards still reduced my career bonus.

    …Yes, this is supposed to be a bug because valid default values. (You should disable the ‘Resume submission’ button if Time is False)

    The famous cheat which works here too
    Almost every offline game with a clock function presents this bug, and this one is no different: You can play with the clock to obtain advantages.

    While you probably cannot/shouldn’t see more ads with this trick, you can “hold” the day until you did everything you’ve needed (like, finishing all stages of Endless Training via auto feature.)

    I think you should also use your Auto Tickets daily (they’re pretty useless otherwise), as an added tip do not sell the AP potion: Always drink it and sell all the AP it generated (it’s more lucrative this way), and you could always remember players to expand inventory when it’s getting full (it follows base-2 rule, so prices will be like 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048… times 10.000) to make the guide even more useful.

    And with the bash-advertsingShow-button strategy you can finish the list in less than 75 minutes, but be warned sometimes the game “remembers” you’ve bashed the button and will force that wait time while displaying 3 minutes: So if you get 2 rewards with this strategy, there is a chance that you need to wait 6 minutes for next ad…

    Well, this is all I have to comment for now. Thanks!

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    I cleared Stage 30 so fast that I didn’t know about the reinforcements until I tried at a harder difficulty. Oops! Thanks for that heads-up.

    And I also didn’t know about the Part-time bug. That would’ve really sped up my first hours, haha. Although I do know about the time exploit, I try not to include such things unless a game is hard enough (or the benefits meaningful enough) to warrant frequent usage of it. This is definitely not one of those games.

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