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    There are 20 subquests. All must be completed. Subquest 15, ‘A Village Elder’s Dilemma,’ is the longest (most tedious) and most important, as you must populate the Elder’s village by giving maps to certain NPCs. Although these NPCs won’t have the convenient bubble overhead, they aren’t that difficult to find. They are the NPCs from the other 19 subquests. So, not only must you backtrack and revisit them all, some of them require schlepping back to Pumis (that’s the name of the Elder’s village) and speaking to characters you’ve already sent there to get items or other info.

    I didn’t take notes while playing (because I didn’t know if I would even finish the game), but what I remember is that one NPC you’ve sent will give you fresh veggies, another will give you a feather, yet another will give you a letter. Then there are some you need to speak to such as the tavern keeper who will need someone to help at the tavern. Just keeping sending NPCs and talking to them once they are there. A pain, right?

    The easiest way to do this is to wait until you get to Slave Town; then, fork over the 10000G for the horse (buy from the old man near the slave cages. This horse can travel over mountains which makes the schlepping much less annoying. Once you have the village populated (and you might have to enter the Dark Lord’s Castle), return to Pumis and speak to the Elder. He is sad because he thinks the villagers are tired of him and are planning to leave. Now go to the tavern. Agree to go kill the Ancient Wyvern at Spinel Canyon. Return the foot (how wasteful!) to the tavern. Watch the scene. You’ll get a thank you gift from the villagers. Later, the Elder will take you outside the tavern and give you some goodies AND the legendary weapons.

    The weapons are:

    Jasper-Book of Life (M-ATK +270); Carnelia-Laban’s Sword (ATK +260); Sardonis-Pruning Hook (ATK +285); Kyan-Swiss-Army Abracadabra (ATK +250)

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    Astounding! I can’t believe you figured it out, can’t believe you pursued this beast into its lair and slew it!! And had the coolness in the heat of battle to record a detailed road map for all of us to follow. I would have given up very early, but with your guidebook, as I was able to get the legendary weapons and see the village celebration. So, applause to you, and this tribute:


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    Mt. 3beez… you just made my day…

    All your base are


    It’s been a long a time since I played, but I seriously doubt I figured it out on my own. I’m just not that clever. Most likely, Google was involved. But thanks for the monumental acclaim. 🤣😜

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