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    Can I get this image to attach…


    Character: Ratona – Asdivine Menace
    Time taken so far: 20min (estimate) (yes i’m very slow)
    Status: Unfinished

    Notes: Okay how the HECK do you get her floofy hair right i’ve spent half of those 20 minutes trying to figure it out-

    Will update when finished.

    ٩( ᐛ )و

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    Character : Nemesis – Asdivine Menace

    Time taken : 4 Hour (had a tough time drawing her hair)

    Status : finished

    Notes : her hair was too spiky…maybe. Well anyhow i did my best effort into this one


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    hOLY CRAP HOW??? i’m jealous of your skills 0//0 there’s plenty I could learn from studying that image alone…

    I also copied my Ratona drawing into Flipaclip and (tried to) colored it:


    RIP shading lol


    Chara: Ratona – Asdivine Menace

    Time taken: I forgot to count, I did it over the span of a few weeks after school, i’ll go with 3h

    Status: finished (or should i say abandoned?)

    Notes: at this point I’m still positive I could do slightly better.

    EDIT: Well darn it my image quality really got butchered…

    ٩( ᐛ )و

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    Wow your coloring shade is awesome too (i’m not really good at giving shade on the picture 😆 )

    Anyway i’ll work on another pics now


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