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    ..sure if you were playing it right and than all of a sudden…BOOM, last boss, and you beat it?

    That was basically Valkyria Soul. I was not even sure if I was doing it right…for the entire time. I was 7 hours 55 minutes in, STILL wondering if I had wasted my time and if I was playing the game right and than all of a sudden, I made it to the last battle and won. About 8 hours overall.


    Recently beaten since April 1: Sephirothic Stories (android, kemco), Soulblazer (snes, arpg), Seek hearts (android, kemco), Super Metroid (snes), Legend of Tetrarchs (android, kemco), Castlevania 4 (snes), Actraiser (snes), Demons Crest (snes, platformer), Holy Umbrella (snes, platformer), Arcana (snes rpg)
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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross


    Hohohoho, how about symphony of the origin that game just take 7-8 hour’s to beat and Actually I didn’t know about bond of the skies I wonder is that game really really good(for sure I just try it a little)and about dead dragon the plot is very very unbelievable yeah especially about rinne I can’t believe her that because her is the mastermind behind that all,and Eclipse of illusion I quite surprised when found out reya(or whatever it name is)being born again as a child,,tee-hee,and right now I playing swordigo and school of chaos(yeeey I become a beta tester)

    This one is telling the

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