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    This game is similar to the creator’s “Ramble Planet,” which he terms a scavenger RPG, but is an improved version of the type. It isn’t really an RPG, but rather a search for the hidden objects. Yes, you do have attributes which you level up, and yes you do fight so-called battles. But the battles are rarely more than 2 turns long (you usually either lose on turn one or win on turn one or two), and the non-random monsters tend to be obstacles which must be defeated to unlock portions of the game map.  In fact, if you don’t flee, you either “attack” or use the consumable “weapon”: no weapon choices, no spells, no arsenal of consumables from which to choose, no armor or accessories to configure. Grinding as such isn’t necessary, and it is possible to finish the game very quickly if you have great eyesight and stay focused.

    The earlier “Ramble Planet” has much more difficult to solve mysteries to gain the treasures. In “Void Pyramid,” most clues are visual, some are textual, and a few are logical (where do you expect to find the hidden goggles?).

    There is not much in the way of strategy (oh, you do get to decide how to allocate points to your attributes (life, attack, defense, brawn, wits, agility) and/or to consumables. However, it probably makes little difference what you do if you wish to find all the treasures (which isn’t necessary to win the game), because  you may raise all the attributes to high levels.

    There are many, many different endings, and some may require a complete new playthrough. Some endings depend on total time played, for example. The endings are all text, and not new scenes or extended play.  As such there is no post-game.

    My description above outlines the game mechanics, but doesn’t do justice to the good feel of tight, well-constructed play that offers solid entertainment of a type not available in a standard RPG. It is free, no IAP, easy to get into, and goes quickly if you like, but can take longer if you wish to find all the treasures.

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