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    i am new to this forum which i discovered while finishing all the kemco’s game. so far, in english i still have 20 kemco in english to finish to be able to say that i have played all/most of them. amongst them, you all know that warlord revival, exe create exclusive, was available in english with a broken link to pay it and also in japanese on the google store for free i think.

    since one month, the game has been removed from the store, exe create was maybe tired of receiving request to repare the link to buy this game in english (i send one too and never received an answer). still the game run perfectly on android 7 even if in my case i have completed it in english on a galaxy s3.

    i can’t explain how to get the full version of this game because i don’t want to risk a ban or to have several players telling me that i am wrong etc… i guess it remains your choice to google the solution to this riddle but now that i have completed the game in english i wanted to deliver some information on it because it is a good game, it is worth playing until the end and really the game should be known in the west.

    first of all the game can be completed in 12 hours.

    it contains several side quest (around 20 like most of exe create game).

    the post game can be played from different point of view with the carry over of level or the carry over of skills. the reason of this choice is of course due to the additionnal event, dungeon and special bosses.

    the story is well written and the war versus dystopia could have been extented on a sequel should the game was sold correctly in the west.

    the last bosses are really annoying due to their skill that put bad status on you but still the game is overall enjoyable and not so difficult since you can customize your warlord to you heart content and build true war machines.

    i have appreciated the personnality of masamune date and the possibility to have hiro or yuri as hero. it changes small things but at least anyone can find his way on this game.

    last, conquering the map (seems like it comes from alphadia but i will see it for myself when i will play it) was a good idea that i didn’t saw aside of a rpg maker 200 game about samurai too where you could even conquer fully the map and de actviate any kind of battle on it.

    sorry for the long story, but i think this community deserve to have as much information as possible on this game since it should be composed of rpg kemco/exe create fan. maybe by PM i can explain how to access it (nothing mystic really, google will tell you how) but i don’t want to risk to offend someone in the community. i just want to propagate this kind of good news about a real good game. maybe some of you has found it since a long time now but for those who don’t i encourage them to try because the game is good.

    hoping that you will still welcome me, i will probably post on other rpg here if i found the time.








    Android is unique

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     i guess it remains your choice to google the solution to this riddle 

    You’re right.. If the game didn’t have broken purchase it would have some tips for it but because it doesn’t have then not a single person could play it probably (unless it was Japanese version or found on sites that have virus risks) so I doubt anyone here can help.. 

    Welcome 😇


    “so I doubt anyone here can help..”

    i’m not searching for help, i already solved it as explained and really it’s a shame it’s impossible to buy it. the idea of my post was just sharing information. that’s all. the full game is more or less available in english, that’s all.

    Android is unique

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