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    Yeah, Dragon Warriors /Quest series is the most recognized game series because of that xd My personal favorites are Dragon Quest VIII (one of the first games I played on ps2, the other was Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth is better in Kingdom Hearts imo) and IX.

    Welcome 😇


    I’ve played Dragon Quest I, II, VI, VII, VIII and IX

    I borrowed VI from a library and never got the chance to play it again, so basically the games I’m looking for are III (which I can buy on the Google App Store), IV, V and VI (all of which i would rather have on my DS for the feel of gaming)

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    Hello everyone

    I’ve just registered myself in here but I’m not ‘new’ to RPGInsanity

    I’ve been playing Kemco Jrpg games in my 3DS for the past few years and I often look for some info [walkthroughts; location tips; etc] in here.

    Now I wanted to know some info about Journey to Kreisia and, for the first time, I did not get my answers by others users in the forums, so I’ll soon ask some questions in there.



    So far I’ve played: Alphadia;  Chronus Arc; Grinsia; Justice Chronicles; Unlucky Mage; Sword of Hope II

    Currently Playing: Journey to Kreisia (near the end)

    My backlog list includes: Infinite Dunamis; Legna Tactica and Asdivine Cross

    Planning to buy in the next sale: Crystareino; Dragon Sinker



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    Hi Saraiva! Glad to have you here.  😎

    I don’t know what questions you have (and wouldn’t be much help anyway, as I’m definitely not a Kreisia expert); however, you might also check the walkthrough pages. There might be additional info there, that’s not in the forums:

    If that doesn’t help, though, please do post your questions in the Kreisia forum (as opposed to posting them in this “Welcome” thread, where they’d just get lost…)

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