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    Hello fellow Kemco fans… I made this account like a year ago, but I cannot remember if I ever posted here… Anyway, I hope you can accept one more into your ranks. This is the only place I know of besides the Play Store where these games are seen in a positive light. I’ve been a longtime user of GameFAQs since 1995-ish, and in those twenty plus years I’ve seen the community just crumble. Myself and others have mentioned these games before, only to get dumped on and ridiculed for playing ‘Kemco trash’ and not triple-A titles like Persona and Witcher– sorry, but I own both, and I get far more enjoyment out of these games vs. the couple dozen hours I’ve forced myself to play the ‘popular’ titles. (I’ll probably just sell them and pick up a Play Card haha). So, tl;dr: I hope I can find a fit here because I’d really like to leave that hive behind…


    - Phantom Fandom -

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    Hello, @orpheus 🙂 Welcome to the great KEMCO community! I hope you’ll enjoy being here. Feel free to ask about any KEMCO Game 🙂

    Just remember to not use “Bad Language” in posts 🙂 


    Welcome 😇

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    - Phantom Fandom -

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    MSG Commander

    Welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you here and hope your experience here is much more enjoyable.  😀

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