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    Whilst I do own a smartphone I rather not pack it full of games due to it being used for work. I play Kemco games on my PC via STEAM. I recently bought a few Kemco games to get me started on their HUGE library on there as I am an RPG freak, and just can’t get enough of them and the fantastic worlds they offer to escape into from the harsh realities of life.

    The Kemco games I currently own are – Asdivine Hearts, Dragon Sinker, Antiquia Lost, Alphadia Genesis, Revenant Saga, and Tears Revolude and have 17 others on my wishlist that I will buy in the near future once I have finished these ones above.

    As a hobby I like to write guides for games and really tear into them so expect me posting lists, etc.. of information from the games I find here once in a while though mainly my guides will be posted on STEAM forums for that specific game i’m playing at the time. First, I suppose, I should see if this website welcomes information from the STEAM library of games from Kemco as I have no clue if changes are made or extra stuff added to games to the PC ports.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to becoming a great member of this site.

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    Nah, I’m pretty sure they’re basically the same.

    I mean, it’s rare to someone buy the PC version AND the mobile version, but I own a few different games in those different plataforms, and I believe the only significative difference, usually, are the controls.

    Except 3DS, where they seemingly remove IAP stuff. Actually, I’m not sure if there’s IAP on the PCs versions, I’ve never seen on those, at least.


    There are IAP’s on the PC version (most Steam downvotes for Kemco are typically because of the IAP’s, at least for the ones I bought to actually see differences)


    I own almost every Kemco RPG on the 3DS, and browsed the listings of the rest. None of them have in-game purchases, but different ones were modified in different ways to compensate.

    Justice Chronicles allowed the player to spend an in-game resource (was it gold?) to continue a failed battle. Journey to Kreisia awarded the player Kreisia points from fighting regular battles; these points could be traded for potentially game-breaking items. Chronus Arc gave out the currency to buy class-change items from grinding regular battles (which was still a slog). Grinsia and Unlucky Mage didn’t have anything that I remember, but didn’t need it.

    I suspect the 3DS Kemco RPGs don’t have in-game purchases because there was some Nintendo policy requiring that 3DS games with in-game purchases be “free to start” (Nintendo’s way of saying “free to play”), and almost every Kemco RPG on the 3DS has a base price of $10. The handful of 3DS games that do support in-game purchases (like Pokemon Picross and Pokemon Rumble World) are all free-to-start, as far as I know.

    If this policy existed, it didn’t extend to the Switch. Bonds of the Skies and Dragon Sinker are notable edge cases in that their Switch (and PS4) versions have a slightly higher base price AND in-game purchases, while their 3DS versions have the $10 base price and no in-game purchases.

    Pretty much every Kemco RPG on the Switch has in-game purchases now, except for Revenant Saga (which allows the player to grind points instead). That’s not why I wholeheartedly recommend Revenant Saga on any platform, though; I just really liked the game.

    I’m not sure if I liked Journey to Kreisia more or less than Revenant Saga. Journey to Kreisia took a little more time to get its hooks in, but it was something special too.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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    The game i’m currently playing on PC (STEAM) – Dragon Sinker, uses an in-game currency called DRP (Dragon Points) that is got defeating monsters. This in turn is used to buy items from the SHOP menu which I gather on other versions of the game are direct sales from Kemco. On top of the Dragon Points there are Lottery Tickets found in game for every 300 Gold you spend in game the npc will give you 1 ticket free, also some npcs will sometimes give you some also. These Lottery Tickets are an alternative currency to DRP but can be used to have a spin on the lottery wheel where you can get OP game breaking armor/weapons/accessories/pets.

    I think Kemco maybe changed the way all the micro-transactions work for their games on PC realising that gamers dont want their rpgs to be micro-transaction based, hence the price bump for their games. A LOT of Steam players tend to shun micro-transactions.. the players that spend a lot of time playing rpgs at least, tho some games it works with. I for one would NOT buy the Kemco games if they were micro-transaction based for PC versions, I like my rpgs to have everything in the game already available, not to pay real cash to be OP and have major advantages over other players, tho single player games really don’t matter cos it effects no one else if ur OP other than your own playthrough.

    I guess its just down to personal preference how people want to play at the end of the day. Ive been playing games since 1985, played mmos since 1996. Ive really seen the gaming market boom and generations of consoles come and go, my personal opinion on micro-transactions and DLCs is that it’s ruining games. Long gone are the days where you could get a full game released with EVERYTHING intended to be in it is there when bought, now its half baked games, plenty of fix patches and dlcs for stuff that should already be in the game, episodic games, all controlled by these money grab systems, which is a shame. Now, i’m NOT totally against the idea of DLCs tho, if it adds extras to the game like new levels, expands on story, adds new areas, items, equipment etc (like mmos do) then fair enough.

    As far as Nintendo having the micro-transactions removed for their consoles/handhelds I in no way disbelieve that Nintendo probably offered Kemco micro-transactions (like the mobile versions) a 50/50 split of earnings with micro transactions bought, LOL! but weighing the costs and sales Kemco just probably decided it would be better to up the price of the games and just scrap the micro transactions for the Nintendo versions.. Nintendo are greedy like that.. not to mention Nintendo are WELL known for wanting to control mostly everything with their partners, they been like this since the NES days, tho more recently they’ve been more open minded. (Anyone remember the NES/SNES game chips for licensing games on those systems and how Nintendo scarcely handed them out but charged a LOT for the actual chip?)

    Nintendo, tho they ask mobile companies to curb their micro-transactions more recently it does not mean they get rid of them totally. There are plenty of Nintendo games that has micro-transactions, Dr Mario, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Dragalia Lost, to name but a few. Their worst gotchya was Super Mario Run, the game allowed you to play free for first few levels then suddenly the game becomes pay to play, in other words you couldn’t play the game no more unless you payed for it. Nintendo will never change, if their’s bucks to be made they will eventually jump on the bandwagon immaterial of how curbed they try to make micro transaction.. lol.

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