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    It has to do with Fairy Elements being just a mediocre RPG. Nothing too special aside from their mini-materia system.

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    Journey to Kreisia is my all-time favorite RPG, because it connected on a personal level and inspired me to write a fantasy novel. It was also pretty fun to play, of course. The 3DS version didn’t have in-game purchases; instead there was an optional currency (“Kreisia Points”) that the player could grind random battles for.

    Unlucky Mage had OK gameplay and an excellent story. The 3DS version didn’t need or have any in-game purchases, as I remember.

    I enthusiastically recommend both games, although I wouldn’t know how player-friendly they are on systems other than the 3DS. I think the 3DS version of either game is worth the full $10 purchase price.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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    Dragon Sinker and Dragon Lapis may be the easiest to just get into (and they’re both really fun). Although the other freemium mentions are also quite good.

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