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    Hello, if you’ve seen my name before, then you know what I do. If not, well I am a prolific game mapper that’s created over 3,000 maps on, including maps for some Kemco games, such as Dragon Sinker, Archlion Saga and Everdark Tower. I am somewhat working on Dragon Lapis as well (only 10 maps in so far), but that game (and Dragon Sinker) takes a lot out of you with how massive the dungeons are lol. I do plan on making more game maps, but information is hard to come by. Thankfully this site seems to be helpful when it comes to info, so that’ll come in handy.

    Regarding Dragon Sinker though, I am aware that there might be bonus dungeons, but I never came across any. When I played the game, I played it from start to finish with no sidetracking. And according to playthroughs I’ve seen on Youtube, it would appear I did get all the dungeons. If I am missing any, I do apologize, and I no longer have the game, so I doubt I’ll go through it all again lol.

    Nonetheless, I hope to map out as many Kemco games as I can, but I doubt I’d be able to get to all of them. If any of my maps have helped any of you, that’s awesome, and I am glad they were helpful to you.  🙂


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    Welcome to the community, @starfighters76!

    It’s great you’ve been making maps for some Kemco games, they can help other people for sure. I mainly checked GameFAQs to find walkthroughs for games I played after beating game for the first time or in case I got stuck somewhere. In some cases, like Final Fantasy XII for PS2 I was using maps as some areas were tricky to reach.

    I liked Dragon Sinker when I played it (although I don’t remember much of the game).

    Welcome 😇

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