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    I figured this would amuse you all. This is what happens if you beat Maidame Curie on Killer level twice. Not sure if anything happens for 3 times, but from the text, probably not.

    I skipped the picture of Darius looking surprised with just “!” as his text, between her 2nd and 3rd text boxes

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    How many controllable characters?
    How many controllable characters?

    If I remember correctly: 4 Controllable chars + 1 or 2 controllable “allies” (Buddy System, same as in Fernz Gate)

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves



    Wizards Of Brandel Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced


    KEMCO has today announced that its RPG, Wizards Of Brandel is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on December 5th. The game will have a standard price of $12.99 but is available with a 10% discount from the pre-purchase period which starts today.


    After losing his house due to failing to make a loan repayment, Darius, a young wizard moves into a wanted sorcerer’s house for free. He meets a female swordsman with no sense of direction and a plant girl who shrivels up without water. With differing principles between the three, who knows what quarrels this will lead to?

    A turn-based battle system complete with a limit burst consisting of continuous attacks as well as familiar spirits to fight by your side is how battles are taken care of in this RPG. Visiting the Magic Labs allows players to improve their skills for stronger characters.

    For more information be sure to check out the game’s official website here.

    Source: Northern Gamer

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