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    The higher number subquests (9?-15) are all post-game.

    Number Location Requester Reward
    01 Pionerro Mansion Familiar Spirit Lilia Resurrect Water (2)
    02 Pionerro Mansion Familiar Spirit Nebuka Machetes (3)
    03 Pionerro Mansion Familiar Spirit Coujin INT Bulbs (2)
    04 Shiganai Village Yunoss Accelerator B (1)
    05 Burbia Town Comphrey Gardner Card A (1)
    06 Shutte Town Ange Cooling Water (3)
    07 Shutte Town Pansy STR Flowers (2), Synergic Spell ‘My Eternal Friends’
    08 Forgotten Sanctuary Stevia Guidebook ‘Sword’ (1)
    09 Pacific Town Hachiss Maid Coins (100)
    10 Burbia Town Gloriosa INT Flowers (2), Synergic Spell ‘Yes My Lord’
    11 Pacific Town Rosemary Magical Card (1)
    12 Cargo Town Oren Ability Flower (1)
    13 Forgotten Sanctuary Saffron Gold (19800)
    14 Shiganai Village Laurel Gardner Card B (1)
    15 Cargo Town Mikuri & Ikema Attacker Card B (1)

    Older, but not wiser

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    I just came to complete the Ms. Curie Payment list.



    Subquest 9 is from the second arc, but not from the post-game.

    I’m not sure which ones are from post-game, but subquest 9 definitely is not it.


    And as I am on a spoiler tag, I’ll be direct: In subquest 9 you still belive the vilain is Avale or whatever.

    all before Pacific Town are from the first arc, but the second arc still isn’t the postgame.

    Sidequest 13~14 would be a more accurate bet

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    So there is no more subquests after you complete true ending reason I ask is I have completed and received all rewards for the 15 subquests listed but the Meddler achievement on xbox one will not unlock

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