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    In the Help->Other->Ancient Lithographs section, it states:

    “Hidden somewhere in the world are Lithographs. If you take gleamstones, which you can gain from special demons, you can obtain special weapons.”

    I’ve done just about everything in the game except defeat the post-game uber in Limit Stonehenge, and yet, I’ve never encountered a Lithograph. A few doors have needed gleamstones to open, but they didn’t have special weapons. 🤔


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    1) They give weapons (~180 dmg) in exchange for collectible stones

    Chain (3 Tray) – Gold Zone, 2nd screen, look left
    Sword (4 Bright) – Metal Zone, 1st screen, go left from entrance
    Tray (4 Dark) – Mount Atochi, 1st screen from North, go up from entrance
    Dolly (3 Tray) – Silence Plain, 1st screen, go left from entrance

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    And the awesomeness of @searinox119 continues! (I almost titled this topic “Hey, Searinox!” because I knew if you were still with us, you’d know the answer. Glad you’re still here to rescue me! lol) 😁

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    tip: Don’t actually use your Gleamstones on the Lithographs. You get free 200 ATK weapons from completing the trophy rewards. Unless you IAP for more Gleamstones, you’re better off saving them for more important things, like the two doors in the Ancient Storehouse.


    Unless those 180 atk weapons come with rare effects like Crit. I can’t say that they do since I’ve not found any of them yet.


    Yup you can get 200 atk weapon just buy completing that trophy quest, though if you are able to beat the two fairies at teatime flower garden you can get 400+ att with cool stats (all weapons have crits on them) for all of your characters. It’s not an easy battle though 😛

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