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    My monster Catalog is complete EXCEPT  for #211.  The missing item is at the end of the Peaches, so I assumed it is a peach.  Well, I’ve destroyed orchards and orchards of peaches, enough to cause a shortage in your local supermarket, but no #211.  I’m guessing now that it isn’t a peach (although I blasted enough cans to cause a world-wide shortage of tin).  If you can tell me either where to find #211, or if it is a can or peach, ow whatever will help me find it, then I can complete the catalog.

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    #211 is Maidame Curie. As in, the infinity HP one from Unison Crisis (renamed Gazillion Challenge, basically). You can find that at Forgotten Sanctuary.

    Also, fun fact – given that Can’s Support Effect name is “The Name of Rust?”, they are probably not made out of tin 😛

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