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    Just a quick question on how you guys find the game. Much to my amazement I liked Fernz Gate more than I should have (or I went in with low expectations and was dumbfounded? ), minus the fact how cash grabby the game felt because of the buddy system (which I found horrendous but gulped that down like bitter medicine). Anyways how does this game compare to Fernz Gate or to say the least previous Exe-Create games as well.

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    The story’s really good, but everything is a straight-up Fernz Gate clone… I recommend playing it but I’d probably wait for it to become free (or at least go on sale).

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    Can I get some info on that story. A little that can make me interested enough to try it.

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    Well, the main character is a wizard who’s in debt so badly to the Maid Association, that they take his house. He and the main girl in the story get taken in by another wizard who the whole world believes is the Evil Lord (or whatever they call him).

    Meanwhile the other girl that joins your party, was kidnapped from her village after it got destroyed, and was experimented on by some really bad people. So, now you have to find out who’s behind the experimentation, and whether or not your benefactor is actually the supreme evil wizard bent on destroying the entire human race DUN DUN DUN!

    (And no there are no legitimate spoilers in that description… and yes I probably could have written it more ‘professionally,’ but – you get what you get.)  😆

    Anyway the story is all centered around that stuff, but there’s some good humor and some plot twists that I did not see coming. Nothing as heavy as Chrome Wolf, or Unlucky Mage, or those kind of games, but all in all it’s pretty solid. It’s definitely not AS cheesy as the cheesiest Asdivine game. So all in all, it’s good.

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    Enjoying the game so far, I’m already at the final phase of the game, not getting into post game yet obviously. The story is pretty good indeed, personally i think that it definitely has a slightly more ‘serious’ or maybe  darker atmosphere than Frenz Gate, but there’s tons of comedic elements that lightens things up. The characters are also fun for me, although I’m not particularly liking the dungeons design which is kind of like the older Kemco games, pretty long and can be annoying, although the map certainly helps a lot.

    There’s definitely similarities with Frenz Gate in several game play elements, but this game kinda try to make some difference that doesn’t always work for me :p. Nevertheless, it’s overall a fun game to play.

    Just an extra addition, so I’ve completed the true ending, just wondering for those who completed this game already, are there more than one true endings for this game? or is it just that one which doesn’t quite pleasing enough for my liking. :p

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    In full honestly, each game I play is for Maidame Curie’s: “jokes”, antics with her sister, interferences with the story, and most importantly, her appearance/art. Unfortunately Maidame Curie’s looks haven’t appealed to me in recent games as much as the older games….


    In order of best appearance, it’s been Antiquia Lost, Asdivine Cross, then Asdivine Hearts 2.


    In Wizards of Brandel, she looks too much like an old-lady receptionist D: Where’s the young, beautiful maid who kicked ass of nearly every god in every Exe Create game?!

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    This is my least favourite kemco game (together with fernz gate) because the story is so unoriginal and the game itself is not really challenging (like for example no hard bosses). Overall I not really recommend playing this one.

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