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    I don’t know if I should share this, but if I shouldn’t then I will take down this post.

    I have found a bug in weapon strengthening and it can easily boost your character’s stats early in the game. Maybe this will help some of you who struggle in this game or too lazy to grind for weapon’s attribute.

    Requirements (You need 2 to 3 weapons) :
    1. 2 Weapon with the same attribute you want to upgrade (eg. crit), we call this Weapon A and Weapon B
    2. any weapon (with or without attribute).

    How this works :
    1. Select weapon strengthening
    2. Choose Weapon A as the main weapon.
    3. Choose weapon B as the ingredient weapon.
    4. While weapon B is selected, choose “select all”.
    5. Choose “Clear all” to unselect all weapon (the bonus attribute will still be there)
    6. Repeat step 3 to 5 until the attribute maxed out.
    7. Fuse with any weapon and you will still get the bonus attribute.

    You can do this with multiple attribute, just choose each different weapon to max it, it won’t lose the first bonus attribute while you developing the second/third/fourth one as long you don’t quit from the weapon strengthening screen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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