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    This game have other bugs too, which should be reported

    Since it’s a bug in the game (and not a “hack” or cheat), I’m cool with leaving it up. Same applies to other games, if anyone finds similar bugs.  😎

    (Just as long as it’s a legitimate bug, and not “how to cheat and get 75,000 free IAP points in 2 minutes” or something like that, that would clearly be ripping off the devs.)

    Free IAP: Get level 54 and save your game. Complete Gold Arena.

    You get 6 Gems for finishing Gold Arena below level 55. If you load the previous save file, and then complete the gold arena at that level again – more six IAP.

    Uh, great quality control, as always. 😛


    Save games on freemium without ads:

    On freemium to save your game you’ll be subject to an ad. But hey, guess what: If you visit the shop, the game will save, and you won’t be bothered with ads! And you don’t even need to purchase anything! Seriously, are they really worried with ads revenue on Freemiums?


    PS. Needless to say I’m not going to press the “Contact” button and tell them about that. I’m against contact forms D:


    This is a good game (and a lot of that is due reusing Fernz Gate mechanics), the story is actually pretty good (if you compare to what some other Kemco games have thrown up at us lately…), it even have an “easter egg” when you click at Maidame Curie Doll on F. Sprits menu…

    But they really, really need to improve quality control. >.>

    PS. @msg-commander please review if this post complies with guidelines

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

    MSG Commander

    PS. @msg-commander please review if this post complies with guidelines

    Yeah, it’s good.

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