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    There is a total of 8 storehouses in the game. A storehouse key can be obtained for free at Story Quest 41, and you can buy them for 80 Gems.


    This serves mostly as a reference for those trying to use the free storehouse key in the most efficient way.

    Some of the cards are not well explained here, and half of the text was written three months ago.

    If text is confuse, give me a ring so I can rewrite it!


    First part:

    Shutte Town

    Ressurect Juice (2)

    King Behemoth Contract (3*, drops VIT Flower, no elemental)

    Hell Arena Vest (def 300, immune against heaven damage (?) )

    Vit +15 Card

    Burbia Town

    SP Cup (3)

    Accelerator B (5)

    Staggering Shoulder Pads (def 250, increase all stats in 1 when guarding)

    Row Card

    Shiganai Town

    Weapon Elimination Ore (2)

    Weapon Trick Card (Weapon effects applies in attack skills)

    SPD +15 Card

    Platinum Trench +40 (Phelia, 40 ATK. 40% against heaven, 20% INT, 8% HP Regen. If Phelia in main position, attack hits row. Increase str in 15%.)

    Forgotten Sanctuary

    500 Maid Coins

    Attacker Card B

    Entangle Card (Normal attack targets column)

    Looonnng Chain +40 (Darius, 40 ATK. 40% Steal, 20% INT, 8% Stun. If Darius in main position, attack range is “oblong”. Increase int in 15%.)


    Second part:

    Pacific Town

    Maschera Carnival (DEF 300 – doubles limit burst gauges added on your team’s turn)

    Haste Card

    T Resist Card

    L Burst Juice

    Pionero Mansion

    Familiar Card (ß)

    Familiar Card (A)

    Childhood Memory +40 (Mark, Silence 40% Critical 20% HP Regen 8%.) Increase INT in 15%, ATK 40.

    Ability Flower

    Cargo Town

    Cupid Vest (DEF 300 – In a magic attack from an underworld-enemy, limits sustained damage to 1)

    Buster Sword +40 (Erica, 40% HP, 20% STR, 8% InstaKill) Increase STR in 15%. Column normal attack. ATK 40.

    Cooling Juice

    Jijo Chocorin K




    Hero Card (ß)

    W Skill Card (A)

    Excellent Flower

    Experience Bucket

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