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    I’ve been playing for quite a bit through the game and still haven’t figured out how to gain proficiency. I’ve been stuck at 45 (Ability Lv. 1).

    Could anybody help me figure out what I’ve been missing to gain more proficiency?

    I’m on Story Quest 42 at the moment writing this, if that matters any.



    All the items needed to raise proficiency are available for maid coin exchange in the Forgotten Sanctuary.  I don’t recall at what point you can enter that location, or if the items are also in the other arena location as well.

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    There’s items you can you to raise them like 1oldtymer said, you can get them by exchanging the maid coins. or you can also buy super mega sp at the online shop. There’s also some objects or items in dungeons which can exhance your profiency/ability that you might missed out, I personally think I were missing out on some, but I did manage to buy some of other required items.


    It might be obvious, but you can gain proficiency by tapping certain turtles with drawings on their shield. If noting happens, change the character. One or either will get proficiency from that action.


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