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    Well other than metal enemy of course


    Try to see if You can survive at killer difficulty. Also I started doing this in the gold zone for farming money more effectively and I think it applies to leveling elsewhere. You need Mark on Your team and for Darius to have learned Infinitia.

    Put Mark with Darius so that You can spam Eternal Burst (Infinitia x Infinitia), and if possible, have another team act first (but both before the enemy), and have one of the members of that first team cast My eternal friends (add 80 hits to hit count). Then spam Eternal Burst (and spam it again if You get an enemy stunned; and if the enemy is tough use Your Limit Burst for safety). If You get a high amount of Overkill hits, bonus increases a lot and with 80 extra hits from Eternal friends You get an damage increase so the enemy dies quicker, thus more Overkills. My perfect strategy involves speed 100 in both the first acting member and Darius, critical 100 on Darius and Mark and ideally stun probability up 25 (or as much as You can get, of course) on Darius and/or Mark and/ or weakness 100 on the first acting character (if the enemy can survive a Phys hit). With that even leveling in the Metal Zone is easier and You get a lot of exp.

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    Similar to this, I personally have been spamming the Synergic spell “Yes My Lord”, used by Darius and coupled with Mark. Farming metal monsters with 100 on crit (achieved by the stat increase exploit that MSG Commander personally acknowledged in a post I saw on here somewhere), it was fairly easy to go from one screen to the next and level up. This is what my stats look like for Darius right now.240390338_1049613029147152_3214195356028011198_n

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