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    Okay, I decided to buy the game after all. I do have to say, the intro is hilarious! Also, I do kind of like the gameplay – but I don’t understand it!!!! 🙁

    I get the part of choosing a character, and exploring the dungeon. And killing enemies and picking things up. But –

    I can’t even finish the first quest without getting killed, so I don’t even know what happens after you collect the 3 scrolls or whatever. Plus I don’t get how your characters level up, or how to improve skills, or if levels and skill growth are permanent after you complete a quest, or if you start every single game at level 1 every time you play…

    If I could figure out the basics, I’d have a better idea if I could recommend the game or not.

    Somebody who knows roguelike, and has made some progress in this game, please help me. 😛

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    There’s a Help menu in Options. (Yes, I found it completely by accident, why do you ask?)

    You level up by killing a certain blue flameball-like enemy, like the one that spawns near you (I don’t remember the name, sorry). There’s 1 per floor. It can get killed by other yokai, too, in which case you’ll have to kill its killer to release it and kill it yourself. Aside from that, there’s no real reason to kill anybody aside from maybe eating corpses.
    I didn’t really manage to go past floor 7 myself yet, so I don’t know what happens if you bring 3 scrolls and deal with whatever surprise there is. Though judging from descriptions, you just get a new character to run dungeons with and that’s all, no extra levels per start or anything…

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    Dying……… A LOT is very typical for any roguelike games. I only played 7 times(blame EvoCreo xD) atm and I still haven’t found a single scroll. I’m guessing you get a random yokai once you get 3 scrolls. Rogue games is very confusing and you usually learn things by playing then dying then playing then dying lol. Based on my playthrough I noticed that I always level up when I kill a blue-fire spirit(Onibi), is it the way of levelling or just a multiple accident? Only way to know is to play, die then play again. Once you level up you get points that you can use to upgrade you skills and yes they do go back to level 1 when you die.

    Really loving the game but my free time is currently split for EvoCreo, Yodanji and Pocket Rogues.

    There is a help section? Nooooo! That is cheating! Lol

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    Help menu directly says that you only level up from those “blue-fire spirits”, so yeah.
    Scrolls are found randomly lying on the floor, starting from floor… 5 or 6, I’m not quite sure.

    I really only ever played Pixel Dungeon out of roguelikes, so I’ll probably not get to floor 10 at all. Especially since there seems to be a strange lack of any non-starters in the leaderboards…


    Yeah,the different is
    Pixel dungeon:a hell
    Yodanji:hmm half hell and heaven i guess?
    Pixel dungeon:beware all monster above 5 floor is as powerfull,can’t be saved once you die
    Yodanji:well what this a yokai,let’s purify it(*#[email protected]&#%)(however you can’t play this game at rush,even tough this game not as difficult as pixel dungeon)
    And i hope this game last boss not as hard pixel dungeon(the boss has a look of dwarf(i guess?)and has 2 elite bodyguard,what’s more it move so fast even i didn’t get a chance to blink my eye!
    ending of pixel dungeon
    Ahem after the Hero defeat the last boss you obtained a key,that key is used to entering the last room,and at that room you found an artifact,after that there is a word at artifact(i forgot about it)and the end(my reaction after knowing that:good really really good i all this time playing this game just for watch this #[email protected]&@%$#

    This one is telling the


    Even,tough it was a yokai vs yokai(i was thinking how to purify it while i love to be a necromancer(nekomata)i believe their soul would be enslaved mwahahahaha(as long as i am fine bwahahaha,cough*
    And the dungeon is endless so there is no last boss(i think)there just the most powerfull enemy

    This one is telling the

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