Cooking Recipes

Written by 3beez


Cooking is fairly straight-forward. All ingredients are easy to come by. However, some are hidden at first, and you'll need to make several purchases before they appear for sale. The pumpkin and cabbage need to be grown from the "Seed Packet."

Item Cooked

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

1 Bread Sushi Rice Bread
2 Hamburger Bread Meat
3 Fish Sandwich Fish Bread
4 Apple Bread Bread Apple
5 Fruit Sandwich Bread Orange
6 Veggie Sandwich Cabbage Bread
7 Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Bread
8 Garlic Bread Spice Bread
9 Egg Sandwich Egg Bread
10 Beef over Rice Meat Rice
11 Table d'Hote Fish Rice
12 Apple Riceball Apple Rice
13 Fruity Rice Orange Rice
14 Cabbage & Rice Cabbage Rice
15 Pumpkin Risotto Pumpkin Rice
16 Salted Rice Spice Rice
17 Egg over Rice Egg Rice
18 Full Belly Meal Fish Meat
19 Candied Meat Meat Apple
20 Luscious Steak Meat Orange
21 Stuffed Cabbage Cabbage Meat
22 Pumpkin Potluck Pumpkin Meat
23 Shish Kebab Spice Meat
24 Special Omelette Egg Meat
25 Apple Fish Apple Fish
26 Fish Parfait Orange Fish
27 Fried Fish Cabbage Fish
28 Pumpkin Stew Pumpkin Fish
29 Grilled Mackerel Spice Fish
30 Egg-Wrapped Eel Egg Fish
31 Fruit Juice Apple Orange
32 Fruit Salad Cabbage Apple
33 Mixed Juice Pumpkin Apple
34 Apple Juice Spice Apple
35 Apple Pie Egg Apple
36 Refreshing Juice Cabbage Orange
37 Citrus Pumpkin Pumpkin Orange
38 Orange Juice Spice Orange
39 Orange Cake Egg Orange
40 Vegetable Juice Pumpkin Cabbage
41 Blue Juice Spice Cabbage
42 Fried Egg Egg Cabbage
43 Pumpkin Juice Spice Pumpkin
44 Pumpkin Pie Egg Pumpkin
45 Egg Nog Egg Spice