Written by 3beez




*It seems you have to visit each shop many, many times (and purchase something) to get the hidden item to appear for sale.

Crafted Item

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

1 Sacred Robe (Armor: DEF 130) Inferno Pearl Dragon Scale
2 Empyrian L1 (Yo-yo: ATK 240, ELM: Ice Wonder Drug Dragon Scale
3 Milky Way L1 (Blade: ATK 200, ELM Ice) Lodestone Dragon Scale
4 Hoarfrost (Manifer: ATK 280, ELM Ice) Diamond Dragon Scale
5 Angel Statuette Fragrance Stick Dragon Scale
6 Kabuki Specs Paint Dragon Scale
7 Sexy Wear Exquisite Cloth Dragon Scale
8 Heavenly Bucket Livingware Dragon Scale
9 Rainbow Pendant Seven-Tool Set Dragon Scale
10 Corona L1 (Yo-yo: ATK 80, ELM Fire) Wonder Drug Inferno Pearl
11 Firefly L1 (Blade: ATK 70, ELM Fire) Lodestone Inferno Pearl
12 Wildfire L1 (Manifer: ATK 96, ELM Fire) Diamond Inferno Pearl
13 Passion Bouquet Fragrance Stick Inferno Pearl
14 Battle Diary Paint Inferno Pearl
15 Pret-a-Porter Exquisite Cloth Inferno Pearl
16 Pathos Vase Livingware Inferno Pearl
17 Star Shower Seven-Tool Set Inferno Pearl
18 Elixir (Accessory - revives the dead or can restore HP) Lodestone Wonder Drug
19 Prowess Band (Accessory - ATK + 20%, DEF - 20%) Diamond Wonder Drug
20 Natural Soap Fragrance Stick Wonder Drug
21 Kunah's Portrait Paint Wonder Drug
22 Wrinkled Dress Exquisite Cloth Wonder Drug
23 Flabellum Livingware Wonder Drug
24 Voodoo Doll Seven-Tool Set Wonder Drug
25 Impregnable Band (Accessory - ATK -20%, DEF +20%) Diamond Lodestone
26 Harmonium Fragrance Stick Lodestone
27 Fairy Curio Paint Lodestone
28 Black Habiliment Exquisite Cloth Lodestone
29 Innovative Pot Livingware Lodestone
30 Fancy Mannequin Seven-Tool Set Lodestone
31 Hero's Ring (Accessory - ATK +10%, DEF -10%) Fragrance Stick Diamond
32 Barrier Ring (Accessory - ATK -10%, DEF +10%) Paint Diamond
33 Haute Couture Exquisite Cloth Diamond
34 Nouvelle Box Livingware Diamond
35 Jeweled Bibelot Seven-Tool Set Diamond
36 Love Letter Paint Fragrance Stick
37 Happiness Sachet Exquisite Cloth Fragrance Stick
38 Freshscent Broom Livingware Fragrance Stick
39 Stylish Set Seven-Tool Set Fragrance Stick
40 Camouflage PJs Exquisite Cloth Paint
41 Modern Papeterie Livingware Paint
42 Forbidden Art Seven-Tool Set Paint
43 Aesthetic Apron Livingware Exquisite Cloth
44 Stuffed Cat Seven-Tool Set Exquisite Cloth
45 Farming Tools Livingware Seven-Tool Set