Hamura Quest

Written by 3beez


Note: To unlock this quest, speak to the NPC standing in front of the EXE-Cafe in Shamrock Town.

Thanks to @paulrenxan for the Petas Village hamura location. =D

  1. Petas Village:  1st house to the left, hidden in bookcase. Reward: Magic Apple S
  2. Clauveh Mine:  Hidden in water area before the boardwalk. Reward: Magic Apple S
  3. Ranyan Village:  Throw a rock in the well, you'll find a Hamura. Reward: Magic Apple S
  4. Krokrop Desert:  Speak to the left-most NPC on the first screen. Reward: Hi-Tension
  5. Village Outskirts: Hidden in a tree (pink enemy icon shows position). Reward: Magic Apple S
  6. Lebannah Village:  Partially hidden behind a house. Reward: Magic Apple S
  7. Denarius' Manor:  Hidden in 2nd floor, bookcase, hidden. Reward: Hi-Tension
  8. Brigand's Hideout:  Hidden in the well. Reward: Spirit Gem
  9. Cordova's Manor:  Basement, not hidden. Reward: Magic Apple L
  10. Manato Temple:  Hidden, outside, NW side of temple. Reward: Magic Apple L