Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the official blog for RPG Insanity, where we will cover all topics having anything and everything to do with mobile RPGs (and the reasons why we love them...)

Hint: "fun" and "portable." Oh, and "fun." Did we mention fun?

Two years ago, RPG Insanity was born, and the web (and the developer) has never been the same since! (Whether for good or for bad, remains to be seen...) Having attracted a following of over 1,000 members, we have now taken the next step in web design - a totally random, pointless (but hopefully entertaining!) blog.

But this will not be like other blogs... there will be no "staff picks," no "pro reviews," no "expert analysis" - not on my blog... no sir. Here, our aim is to provide genuine entertainment, from actual gamers, who just think that playing games should be fun.

(If you're still reading this post - go play a game! Or do your homework...)

Stay tuned for random informative posts about Kemco games, about mobile games, and about all the reasons we either like or dislike a particular game, genre, developer, vegetable... (wait, vegetable? how'd that get in the list?)

Seriously, we hope this blog will inform and enlighten - but more than that, we really, really hope that it will entertain.

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3 responses to “Welcome to our blog!”

  1. Azyleo says:

    “dislike a particular game, genre, developer, vegetable…”….. cats….. how did you forget to mention cats? 🙁

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  2. “-or do your homework.”
    It’s 2020. Coronavirus. School’s closed. Homework? Is that even a thing anymore?

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    • Wait! I didn’t mean that to be seen as offensive… just in case.

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