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There are 4 reviews for 'Glorious Savior'.

Ircher says:
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Good Concept, but Horrible Execution

The controls are fine. I do think that it would be better if you didn’t have to swipe your finger to use skills.

The story is decent. Most of the characters seem pretty generic such as the main antagonists and the primary protagonists. That said, one of the characters is fleshed out decently and does not quite fit the cookie-cutter mold. The time traveling aspect of the plot seems interesting at first, but in the end, it feels more like an excuse to arbitrarily extend the game. The very end of the game has an interesting twist that isn’t very predictable, so the game has that going for it.

My biggest complaint about the game is its balancing. First of all, the game ties skills to weapon, which while great in theory because it’s a new idea, isn’t that great in practice. In particular, leveling up doesn’t seem all that helpful since you don’t get new skills etc. Aside from that, the game is basically balanced around you using weapon skills 100% time. Thus, until you get weapons with “sp recovers while walking” for all four characters, the game is going to be really painful. I spent about 24 hours or so on this game, and at least 19 of those hours was spent grinding. I’m not satisfied with that. It’s also very possible to lose the first fight of the game if you set the difficulty to “hell”. (Even on normal difficulty, there is a significant amount of grinding to do.) Had Kemco focused on making the game properly balanced, this review would be very different.

Overall, the game isn’t bad per se, but it isn’t worth spending money for. Since you can download it for free, I guess it’s okay. Just don’t pawn out money for the premium version. There is nothing in the shop worth buying, and again, the game is not worth the money.

  • Despite being predictable, an interesting plot.
  • Attempts something different mechanics-wise.
  • Has a minimap.
  • Mature themes.
  • Ridiculous amounts of grinding required.
  • Balanced around using weapon skills 100% of the time.
  • Nothing good in the shop.
  • The "tie skills to weapons" while good in theory has horrible execution in this game.
  • Ridiculous amounts of grinding required. (Oh, did I already say that? I must've forgotten with all the grinding I've had to do.)

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