Location Walkthrough

Written by Deakin

coverThis guide consists of a complete walkthrough covering every location with detailed descriptions, strategies for boss battles and possible side quest that are available.

The latter part of this guide gives additional info about all weapons, armors, items, and monster.

I hope this guide will help you to complete the game in every approach you choose.

If you want to rush though the game, the maps will surely help to navigate you through dungeons easily.

If you want to complete every aspect of the game then there are detailed descriptions and info about every location, treasure, monster, boss, equipment and side quest there is in the game.

Game settings

Before I start with the actual walkthrough I think it is worth to explain two options in the game settings menu a bit in more depth. Most of the options are self-explanatory but the ‘Passing of Time’ and ‘Battle knockout system’ could raise a question at first.

The game features a day and night cycle and ‘Passing of Time’ defines how this change between day and night elapse.

If the setting is set on ‘Pause’ then the change happens suddenly and an info appears which notes that it turned night or day. If it’s set on ‘Change in sequence’ however it will change more gradually between day and night. It doesn’t have a deeper effect on the gameplay; it’s just a matter of giving the game a realistic touch.

In both cases changes between day and night only happen when you are on the world map. At night there are, for example, different monsters that appear in battle compared to fights during the day. So, when you have to enter a dungeon by night, you have to walk around on the world map and wait till it turns night before you enter the dungeon (or go to an Inn and sleep till midnight.)

The other option ‘Battle knockout system’ is quite cool actually.

If it’s turned OFF you have to fight every battle normally. If it’s turned ‘ON’ then the game will automatically fight (or rather calculate) the easy battles with weak enemies by itself. You will just be prompted with the winning-screen and the drops/rewards of the fight. If more difficult opponents are in the battle then you have to fight the battle just like when the system would be turned OFF.

This is especially handy when you just want to farm some items in an area where you can beat the enemies easily. Or when you have to walk a distance on the world map in an area you’ve already been to, and you don’t want to lose time fighting weak monsters.

Guide Info

I noted the minimum level requirement for each dungeon/town at the beginning of each location. This guide is written considering you are at that exact level.

Depending on how much time you invest to level-up your party between each location the game can become really easy if you exceed the minimum level for each location by a lot. The boss strategies are only critical for lower level teams. High-level teams can usually just rush through.

Enjoy the game.