Cave of Chaos

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 65

Treasures: Magic Inert, Berserk Mail, Protect Ring, Argent, Fairy Dust, Miracle Aroma, Phoenix Wing, Forbidden Record of Revelations, Extreme Potion, Barrier Ring, Cure-all, Old Glass Bottle, Nectar, Resist Oil II

Cave of Chaos (Top / Middle / Bottom Floor)

Note: This dungeon can be pretty frustrating if you don’t know what to do because there are holes everywhere in which you can fall into.

If you fall into a hole you will land on the floor below. But since the holes are only visible after you fell through once, random floor breakthroughs happen on a regular basis.

You will find every hole there is on the map above to prevent you from falling down unwanted.

After you enter the cave, walk straight north and jump down through hole #1. Walk clockwise along the wall and jump down through hole #2. Grab the treasure next to you.

There are three more treasures in this room: one in the northwest corner, one in the northeast corner and the last one in the southeast corner. Grab them all, then take the stairs ‘A’ in the southwest to get back up to the middle floor.

Now walk south east and take the stairs ‘B’ to the top floor again. Now walk clockwise along the outer wall till you reach the stairs ‘C’, but don’t forget to collect the treasure on the way.

Take the stairs and walk immediately right to avoid the hole. Walk around the pillar to get the treasure, the direct way is blocked by a hole. Walk north from the treasure through the narrow passage and then head to the southeast corner and take the stairs ‘D’. Collect the treasure to the north and then backtrack to the middle floor.

Now you have to walk all the way north and west, but before you pass the stairs ‘E’, grab the hidden treasure by entering the hidden passage just east of the ‘E’ stairs. Now walk  past the stairs ‘E’ to reach the treasure in the northwest. Take it and jump down through the hole #3 next to it.

Collect the treasure here and go back up using the stairs ‘E’. Walk east and south to the center of the floor. Now walk straight west between the two rock formations just above the stairs ‘F’. Then take the stairs ‘F’ to the top floor.

To reach the treasure in the northwest, walk counter clockwise around the rock formation. Grab it then head all the way southeast to get another treasure. Walk west again, then north at the second intersection. Then walk east and jump down through hole #4.

Grab the treasure here and take the stairs ‘G’ to the bottom floor. You're almost out… grab the treasure in the northeast and then exit the cave in the northwest. You have successfully cleared the most difficult dungeon (orientation wise) of the game.