Cave of no name

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 9

Treasures: Power Oil, Paralysis Save, Transfer Stone, Fairy Powder, Panic Ax, Lucky Bangle

Cave of no name

This dungeon is a little easier to navigate than the Forest of Confusion.

Start by walking west as far as you can, then north to get the first treasure.

Backtrack east to where the boulder is then walk north over the bridge for the next treasure.

Cross the bridge again, and go west till you hit the wall, then walk all the way north ignoring the path leading east and follow the path to another treasure.

Go south over the bridge, walk east, and cross the next bridge leading south too. From the bridge, walk south and then east, and you’ll see another treasure. Take it and backtrack to the bridge.

Now head east till you reach the next treasure.

Backtrack to the bridge once more, but now go north and over the next bridge as well. Head east, and cross the bridge leading south, to get the last treasure in this dungeon.

Now go back, and follow the rest of the path east, north, and west to the pirates’ hideout.

To open the secret door, just walk against the north wall and tap the action button.