Dea Town

Written by Deakin

Level Requirement: 1

Locations: Shop, Inn, Bar
Doors: Silver lock

Dea Town


You start off your journey in Dea Town where you just arrived with the ship from your hometown.

First, go straight back north from where you came from and enter the Bar.

The people there will explain the basic mechanics of the game in an understandable manner.

The battle system is easy to understand. It’s turn based and the characters SPD stat determines when, compared to the other characters and enemies, he will execute his turn.

At the beginning of each round you choose the action you want your character to do. You can choose between normal attack, special attacks, items, guarding, or changing the formation.

There is also an auto-battle system.

For most normal battles you can hit the button in the top right corner and the AI will do the rest.

For your standard team I recommend 2 physical characters, 1 magic character, and 1 support/healer.

A team composed out of your main hero, Grieg, Milka, and later Oreana (first you have to use Elysha) works well for 95% of all situations. If I don’t specify otherwise I will be using this team throughout this walkthrough.

First Step

After this introduction head back to the town.

There’s not much to do here at the moment, but I recommend buying a Broad Sword for your main hero and a Broad Ax for Grieg at the shop in the northeast to make the battles faster. Equip them right away.

There is a door with a silver lock in the north which you can’t open at the moment. You will eventually get a key to open this door a bit later in the game.

You can also talk to the townsfolk for some background info but it’s not necessary.


Make sure to activate the Porter in the southeast part of the town (little blue circle).

Note: Porters appear in each location of the game, and enable you to teleport from and to this location from other portals in the near future.

After you finished your preparations leave the town in the southeast. Go south first till you reach a guidepost, then head northeast along the mountain range to the Ancient Ruins. Make sure to enter the ruins by day.

Strategy Hint
  • formation3

    Formation for 3 characters

  • formation4

    Formation for 4 characters

I recommend to setup your party formation like on the left picture for now.

Later, when you have more party members to choose from, you can change the formation according to the picture on the right.

This gives the enemy the least potential to hit multiple targets in most cases.

(Settings can be changed on the Formations screen in the Main Menu.)