Harva Town

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 22

Locations: Shop, Inn, Bar, Target Range
Treasures: Luxury Cheese, Talisman Stone

Harva Town

Gathering Info

Activate the Porter and talk to the boy just south of the entrance. He will tell you about Luxury Cheese which attracts Lemmings.

Take the treasure in the southeast corner here.

Then enter the house and talk to the old man to get some info about the Sandora Tribe.

Then talk to the woman just south of the bridge you crossed. Then talk to the woman west of the central bridge. She will tell you about the Sandora Tribe too.

Also, talk to the Old Man a bit further west to get some info about Ilyuse Forest.

Go north and into the house in the northwest corner to learn about Mithril.

Collect the treasure outside the house to the east. Upgrade your equipment and leave town.

Way to Ilyuse Forest

You have two new destinations on your map now. In regard to the overall difficulty of the enemies, I recommend visiting Ilyuse Forest first. The Ilyuse Forest is on the island to the south of Harva Town.

Before you enter the forest, you should talk to the man in the house east of the forest. He will tell you that his son went into the forest and didn’t come back yet. So you have to investigate. Leave and enter the forest.

Note: You could technically do the Lemming Hero Side quest now but I suggest waiting till your team gets a bit stronger.