Mount Egma

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 45

Treasures: Book of Experience, Talisman Stone, Miracle Aroma, Fairy Dust, Thanatos Save, Fruits of the Mystic Tree, Old Glass Bottle, Blind Bow, Nectar, Wisp Scales, Power Inert, Cure-all, Immortality Potion

Mount Egma

Foot of the Mountain

Go west at the first intersection. There’s a treasure in the far west, and the second treasure is reached through a hidden path southeast of the ramp.

Go back to the entrance, and take the path to the east this time.

At the next intersection go southeast first and collect the treasure. Then go north and enter the cave.

Follow the path to the southwest corner to get the next treasure. Go north past exit ‘B’ and follow the path further to reach exit ‘C’.

Collect the treasure outside and enter the cave again.

Now back to exit ‘B’ and leave the cave there.

Go north at the next intersection to enter another cave at entrance ‘D’.

Follow the path north, and then south again, to collect the treasure.

Before you take the stairs up to exit ‘E’, go south and enter the hidden path to collect a treasure without a visible chest. Then leave the cave through exit ‘E’.

Collect the treasure and enter the cave again. Backtrack to the cave entrance ‘D’.

Outside go south and west, and take the ramp down to the cave entrance ‘F’. Walk east, and collect the treasure in the northwest corner of the cave. Collect the treasure outside of the ‘G’ exit and backtrack to the cave entrance ‘F’.

Way to the Mountaintop

Now follow the path northwest up the mountain, till you reach the next intersection.

There is a treasure in the northeast and another treasure in the southeast.

Collect them and then follow the path west of the intersection.

Walk past the entrance ‘H’ and follow the path to grab another treasure.

Then enter the cave at entrance ‘H’ and solve the simple puzzle inside to open the door.

Exit the cave through ‘I’, activate the Porter and heal your party.

Two Ways to Reach the Goal

Follow the path up to the summit and enter the cave there.

You are now confronted by three bandits.

Depending on what answer you give, there are two different outcomes of this situation:

1) You don’t give them the extra money and fight them to free Avarl’s daughter.

You can keep the money he gave you (10,000 G) but you have to buy the Miracle key from him for 30,000 G.

So basically you pay 20,000 G for the key, but you get to fight the bandits for EXP and 2400 Gold, and you can steal 3 Crystal of Fortune from them. (Plus you get the entry in the monster list.)

2) You pay an extra 10,000 G from your own pocket and free Avarl’s daughter.

For your help he will give you the Miracle key for free (thanks to his daughter).

You only have to pay 10,000 Gold for the key, but you don’t get the EXP, Gold and Crystals of Fortune from the bandits and no entry in the monster list.

Choose what you like better. If you choose to fight then check the boss info below.

Boss: 3 Bandits
Stats: Bandits = 800 HP each
Rewards: 11850 EXP | 2400 Gold

Make sure you steal 1x Crystal of Fortune from each bandit.

Then just hammer away with all your skills to swiftly defeat them.

Once you have the Miracle key, you can now open the door that leads to the Imperial Castle in the north of the Imperial Castle Town.

New Side Quest available: Gold Doors
To 'Gold Doors' Side Quest