Oracle Mountain

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 54

Treasures: Cure-all, Speed Ring, Immortality Potion, Old Glass Bottle, Evil Save, Transfer Stone, Extreme Potion, Quick Inert, Revival Potion, Miracle Aroma

1st Screen

1st Screen

Go directly east first to get the first treasure. Go back and follow the path northeast.

These ragged edges you see are places where you can jump down to a lower level.

Do that and follow the path north and then west.

In the far west, jump down to the treasure below.

Jump down again and backtrack to the place where you jumped down to the treasure before.

Go northeast from there, and jump down on the east side.

Jump down again to get to the treasure.

You again have to backtrack up the mountain and jump down on the east side again.

Follow the path north this time and collect the treasure. Then jump down on the edge just south of the treasure and walk west to jump down on the west side.

Follow the path north to the next screen.


2nd Screen

2nd Screen

Follow the path and jump down in the northeast to get the next treasure.

Follow the path again and leave the screen in the northeast.


3rd Screen

3rd Screen

Collect the treasure in the east, and then follow the path north.

Jump down and head southeast. Jump down to the treasure.

Jump down again and collect the treasure in the west.

Now follow the path a long way first north, then west, then north again and finally east.

Jump down to get the treasure.

Go back up and collect the treasure in the northwest corner of the map. Then exit the screen in the north.


Activate the Porter, heal your party and prepare for the next boss battle.

Go up to the summit to initiate the battle.

Boss: Wind Dragon (+2 Will o’ the Wisp)
Stats: Wind Dragon = 2,800 HP, Will o’ the Wisp = 1,600 HP
Skills: Sonic Boom -> strong attack to the whole team
Toxic Breath -> inflicts damage and status effects
Petrobreath -> inflicts damage an can petrify
Rewards: 30,000 EXP | 6000 Gold

The dragon’s Sonic Boom attack cuts the health of most of your team members in half so constant healing is necessary.

First use All Guard with your main hero than use the Treasure of light to buff you team. Attack him with Freeze Blade if possible as he is weak against ice.

Make use of strong single target attacks like Heracles Blow, Rapid Slice and Shadow Flare.

He also uses a breath attack that may silence your team. So prepare to use Cure Curse.

Also steal the Crystal of Speed from the Dragon.

After the battle, step on the platform and you will be teleported to the Heaven Lands. Walk north, and then west at the first intersection till you reach town - Heavenstown.