Pirates Hideout

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 10

Treasures: Potion
Doors: Silver lock

Pirates Hideout

Attempt to go further to trigger a small boss battle(check the box below for more detailed information).

The pirates will give you the pirates’ key in return for your help freeing their chief from the empire.

Activate the Porter.

On the northeast corner of the hideout is the first door you can use your newly gained key on to get to an otherwise unreachable treasure.

With the new pirates’ key you can now get some additional treasures you couldn’t collect earlier.

New Side Quest available: Silver Doors
To Silver Doors Sidequest

Before you continue with your quest, check your inventory if you have 2-3 Safety Boots. You’ll need them in the next dungeon.

When you’re done with the preparations, leave the Port Town of Nex and head northwest till you reach the Imperial Fort.

Boss: 3 x Pirates
Stats: Pirates = 250 HP each
Skills: Rip apart -> strong single target attack
Quick stab -> can attack the back row directly
Reward: 75 EXP | 360 Gold

Just focus your attacks on one pirate at the time.

The skills they use are nothing you can’t handle with a minor healing skill if needed.

You can use the EX skill Accelerate to speed things up and get an easy victory.