Port Town of Nex

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 7

Locations: Shop, Inn, Bar, Target Range
Treasures: Potion, Old Glass Bottle (behind silver door)
Doors: Silver lock

Port Town of Nex

Buy some new equipment for your party. Weapons are more important than armor at this point.

When you’re done, go to the northwest corner of the town, behind the house is a treasure. It may be covered by the menu button from the interface at first.

If you bought some equipment, you will most likely have some Target Coupons. You can use them in the house next to where you just found the treasure.

You have to shoot on moving targets to get points. You have a limited number of shots and time before the mini-game ends. The better the score, the higher the reward.

Talk to the woman in the house next to the shooting range. She will tell you that you only can talk to her husband at night when he comes home from fishing.

So, leave the town and wander around till it turns night, or go to the Inn and sleep till night. But before that, activate the Porter in the south of the town.

When you come back at night you first have to talk to the man in the house next to the weapon/armor shop. Then talk to the man in the house next to the shooting range. He will tell you about a secret hideout in the cave to the south of the town.

(Since it’s a cave, it doesn’t affect the monster in the cave whether you enter by day or night.)

To reach the cave just walk south from the town along the shoreline and the mountain range till you reach the entrance of the cave.