Sandora Tribe Hometown

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 26

Locations: Shop, Inn, Bar, Special item shop (only at night)
Treasures: Seeds of Courage
Doors: Gold lock

A Town in turmoil


Sandora Tribe Hometown

This town is split in two sections. The east part is where Ahmad resides, and the west where Rahab and his followers live.

Apparently there’s a dispute about who will be the next king of the tribe:

The more violent but strong Ahmad, who could protect the town with brute force, or the younger Rahab, who cares less about the position of king rather than the well-being of all townspeople and social justice between all residents.

You can support either of the brothers. The following quest will be the same. It’s a question of ethics which one you want to support.

A task from the prince

There’s also a treasure in the southwest corner of the town.

The shop north of the bar is only open at night, and sells items to permanently raise your stats, but they are very expensive.

Make your usual preparations with equipment and items, then talk to either Ahmad or Rahab to get a new quest and destination – Pyramid. The Pyramid is located southeast of the Sandora Tribe Hometown.