Shrine of Ishtry (Innermost Part)

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 72

Treasures: Old Glass Bottle, Moon Ore, Gaia Ring, Phoenix Wing, Remedy of Titania, Hero’s Armor, Element Mail

Note: This dungeon has some of the best equipment in the game so it’s definitely worth to collect all treasures here. You will also get your last ‘Old Glass Bottle’. With all of them collected you receive the mighty Robe of the Omnibeing.

Chasing after Ishtry


Shrine of Ishtry (Innermost Part)

Start by heading west first and follow the path to the stairs ‘A’ at the end.

Go east here and grab the treasure. Then follow the path west to the next screen.

Follow the path to the stairs ‘B’ in the north. Before you take them though, collect the treasure using the hidden path marked on the map. Then take the stairs and activate the switch here.

Now backtrack all the way to the entrance of the dungeon.

Go east this time and take the stairs ‘C’ in the southeast. Now go west, and take the stairs ‘D’. Grab the treasure here and backtrack again to the entrance.

Now go north, and keep hugging the wall till you reach a treasure. Grab it, then follow the path west on the intersection you passed before and take the stairs ‘E’.

Follow the path and take the stairs ‘F’. Again follow the path and take the stairs ‘G’. Follow the path south, and when you are on the upper level, go north, follow the path, and grab the treasure in the northeast corner.

Go back to the open area and grab the treasure in the center. Afterwards take the stairs ‘H’ in the west. Go to the upper level and then walk south and then east to grab the last treasure.

Go back and leave this area in the north.

This is the last Porter you can activate. Use it and heal your team in a village. If you want to finish all the side quests before you fight Ishtry, now is your last chance to do so.

The game doesn’t really have a post-game, but you can keep playing the game after you beat Ishtry and do the remaining side quests then. Although if you want to beat Mave a third time, you have to level up your team quite a bit which will make the final battle against Ishtry quite easy. It’s your choice.

New Side Quest available: Moon Forest Part Two
To 'Moon Forest Part Two' Side Quest
New Side Quest available: Mave Part Three
To 'Mave Part Three' Side Quest


If you decided to finish the game, prepare for the final boss battle and equip the best equipment you have. You should also have the Moon Stone weapons equipped. Ultimate Save and also the Hero’s Armor are nice pieces of equipment to make your character immune to status effects.

Boss: Ishtry (+2 Skylle)
Stats: Ishtry = 7,500 HP, Skylle = 4,500 HP
Skills: Berserker Rave -> hits team members 6 times
Destruct -> heavy damage to whole team
Shrill Voice -> damage and status effects
Soul Scythe -> damage to front row
Curse Scream -> status effects
Wrath Execution -> extreme damage to whole team
Reward: – EXP | – Gold

Since this is the last battle you don’t have to spare rare items anymore. So make use of ‘Goddess Scent’ and ‘Immortality Potion’ to quickly replenish your teams’ health.

Use ‘Light Bringer’ and ‘Heracles Blow’ (or a similar attack) against Ishtry whenever possible. One character should always heal each turn with All Cure or Goddess Scent if your team has only few HP left. Generally Ishtry is more susceptible to physical attacks so take advantage of that.

Her ultimate skill is Wrath Execution which deals 250-300 damage to the whole team. You will need Revival Potion or Immortality Potion to resurrect fallen team members after the attack.

When you see a message that Ishtry spreads her wings that means she will execute Wrath Execution in the next turn. So prepare to heal/resurrect. Don’t bother attacking the 2 Skylle if you defeat Ishtry they will fall with her so focus solely on her. Keep this strategy and you will eventually defeat her.

Congratulations you beat the game Grinsia!!! I hope you had fun playing the game and reading this guide.