Shrine of Ishtry

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 69

Treasures: Miracle Aroma, Fruits of the Mystic Tree, Extreme Potion, Power Oil II, Fairy Dust

Opening the sealed doors


Shrine of Ishtry

This is actually a rather short dungeon.

Go through the entrance, then head north and enter the main hall.

Then walk straight north to the next screen. Walk further north, and take the stairs in the east, and walk all the way south and activate the switch to open the door.

Walk back north and take the stairs on the east you just passed before. Grab the treasure just there.

Walk south, and take the stairs here again to reach the treasure in the northeast corner.

There is another treasure in the south behind the door you opened before on the southern screen. After collecting it go back to the center of the northern screen.

Now go to the west side and walk south till you reach another switch that opens the door nearby.

Way to Ishtry

Backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon, take the stairs in the west, and follow the now open path to the next screen.

Grab the treasure on the eastern path here, then take the stairs you passed before and grab another treasure in the north. Go east and north from there to leave this area.

Activate the Porter, heal your team and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: Ishtry (+2 Galleay Begars)
Stats: Ishtry = 3,800 HP, Galleay Begars = 1,920 HP
Skills: Sonic Boom -> strong attack to the whole team
Calamity Star -> heavy magic damage to whole team
Rewards: 94000 EXP | 9000 Gold

This fight is quite easy compared to the Mave Side Quests.

The only attacks that could noticeably harm you are Sonic Boom and Calamity Star.

Focus all your attacks on Ishtry and use your strongest single target attacks. Heracles Blow will do around 700 damage by now and Light Bringer around 400. You just have to heal every second turn.

Also use your treasure skills and this battle should be over in 7 turns. Before you kill her though steal the Crystal of Fortune from her.

After the battle the surroundings change and Ishtry vanishes deeper into the dungeon. Use the Porter to heal your team in a town then enter the last dungeon in the north.

You don't have to finish up all side quests at this point - there's still time to do so before the final boss battle (I'll mention it in the walkthrough later).