Shrine of Light

Written by Deakin

Level requirement: 59

Treasures: Mental Save, Goddess Scent, Golden Fruits, Guard Inert, Miracle Aroma, Mirror Fragment (x2), Force Ring, Old Glass Bottle, Immortality Potion, Extreme Potion, Fruits of the Mystic Tree, Guard Oil II, Fairy Dust

Main Hall and Wings


Main Hall

Go north and enter the main hall. Go west after the first set of stairs and enter the mirror ‘A’. You will be teleported to another room.

From there, go east and collect the treasure south from the northeast corner. Then enter mirror ‘B’ on the podium and collect the two treasures in the room there.

Go back through the mirror again and follow the path south and around towards mirror 'C'.

Before you go up the stairs to mirror ‘C’ collect the treasure in the northwest corner.

Now enter mirror ‘C’ and collect the two treasures there.


East and West Wing

Now backtrack through the mirrors ‘C’ and ‘A’ back to the main hall.

Enter mirror ‘D’ on the other side.

Collect the treasure in the northeast corner.

Then follow the path south till you reach the northwest corner of the room. The mirror on the podium you pass is a monster and initiates a fight.

Collect the treasure in the southwest, then enter the mirror ‘E’ in the northeast corner.

Collect the two treasures in this room and then backtrack again to the main hall through the mirrors ‘E’ and ‘D’.

Take the path leading north in the center and repair the mirror ‘F’ with the ‘Mirror Fragment’ you collected.

Path to the Sanctuary



Enter the repaired mirror and go west through mirror ‘G’.

Collect the two treasures here and go back through the mirror. Now go east and enter the mirror ‘H’.

Collect the treasure right next to the podium, then follow the path past the mirror in the south (another monster) and collect another treasure next to the mirror ‘I’.

Use the other ‘Mirror Fragment’ to repair mirror ‘I’, then enter the mirror and activate the Porter.

Heal your party and then enter through the mirror ‘J’.

In the north you will meet Mave but your conversation is interrupted by a monster which knocks out Mave by surprise. Afterwards the boss battle begins.

Boss: Angrimaiyu (+2 Light Gelatinous)
Stats: Angrimaiyu = 3,200 HP, Light Gelatinous = 1,760 HP
Skills: Berserker Rave -> randomly hits your team 6 times
Curse Scream -> inflicts damage and status effects
Rewards: 49000 EXP | 6900 Gold

This boss is quite easy with the newly acquired Ruksgram. Use Light Bringer each turn and Calamity Star with Oreana if you have her and Heracles Blow with Grieg or other strong attacks.

Just watch out for ‘Spell Reflect’ and avoid attacking with magic if an enemy is buff with that or you will take all the damage.

Physical AoE skills don’t count as magic attacks though, for example Light Bringer Sonic Boom so you can still use them.

Steal the ‘Crystal of Blessing’ from Animanyru before you kill him.

After the battle, you will get the Heaven’s Wing which lets you use the flying bird of Mave. This makes new areas accessible.

Stock up on supplies if needed then head to the island in the southwest corner of the world map. You have to use the Heaven’s Wing you just got to reach the island.

New Side Quest available: Storei Village
To 'Storei Village' Side Quest
New Side Quest available: Moon Forest Part One
To 'Moon Forest Part One' Side Quest