Ghost Ship

Written by Deakin

Requirement: The Haunted Treasure from the Pirates Hideout, reached level 57

Treasures: Magic Oil II, Revival Potion, Fruits of the Mystic Tree, Extreme Potion, Remedy of Titania, Orichalcum, Phoenix Wing, Nectar, Miracle Aroma, Sentinel Heart, Soul Ring, Crown of the Sun, Moon Ore, Robe of the Goddess

Exploring the Ghost ship


Ghost Ship

Note: This dungeon has some of the best treasures that can be found so it’s really worth to check this one out. To enter the ship easily i recommend to switch controll settings to touch mode. Then just tap on the ship and you should be able to enter the dungeon. In the cursor mode you have to constantly hit the action button while sailing into the ghost ship to enter.

Follow the path to the west side of the ship and collect the treasure there.

Now take the stairs in the southeast to the lower deck and collect the treasure. Go back up and follow the path further south. Collect the treasure on the podium, then take the stairs further west.

Follow the corridor and go through both doors leading north, until you reach the stairs in the middle of the deck, leading to the upper deck. The man in the north will give you important information about a riddle you have to solve in a moment.

Go back down and take the stairs in the west, just opposite of the stairs you first came down. On this deck there won’t be any random encounters, which makes solving the riddle ahead less frustrating because there are no interruptions.

Getting the right key

If you want to solve the riddle by yourself then don’t read further because I will write down the solution below.

1) oldest ≠ gold key
2) oldest ≠ Deshima
3) oldest ≠ Molta
4) gold key ≠ access to treasure room
5) Nona ≠ access to treasure room
6) Nona ≠ silver key
7) Deshima ≠ gold key
8) Molta ≠ middle sister
The hints 2 & 3 make it clear that Nona is the oldest. With the help of the hints 1 & 6 we can deduce that Nona possesses the iron key. Through hint 7 we know that Deshima must have the silver key and Molta the gold key. And finally, according to the hints 4 & 5 neither the gold key (Molta) nor Nona’s iron key opens the treasure vault. That means Deshima’s silver key is the key that opens the door to the treasures. (To complete the riddle: hint 8 clarifies that Molta has to be the youngest and therefor Deshima the middle one.)
Name: Molta Nona Deshima
Age: Youngest (8) Oldest (2 & 3) Middle (8)
Key: Gold (7) Iron (1 & 6) Silver (7)
Treasure Access: X (4 & 5) X (4 & 5) ✔ (4 & 5)

This means that the girl on the right has the silver key that opens the door to the treasure vault.

After you got the key, leave the deck using the stairs in the northeast corner. Follow the path to the next stairs and collect the treasure on the way.

Head for the central podium and collect the treasure, and then use the stairs right next to it. Go through the door to the left and use the stairs in the west first (the ones that lead down to the third deck).

There are two hidden passages. The first leads to the room on the right, and the second leads to the otherwise unreachable treasure next to the treasure vault. Take it and then go back through the first hidden passage, and use the stairs that lead to another treasure.

Entering the Treasure Vault

After collecting the treasures, backtrack to the room on the second deck that has two stairs, and this time take the stairs in the north. Collect the treasure in the west and the treasure in the east before going down again using the stairs in the northeast.

Follow the path to the next stairs. You are finally standing before the treasure vault. Open it and collect the five treasures.

You have done everything here so leave the dungeon using teleport and make use of the found treasures.